WROCK Platform

The United States Constitution rolled up on an American flag with a medical stethoscope symbolizing the need for good healthcare

Medical Freedom

We believe the freedom to choose what medical treatments you will take and when you will take them to be a fundamental human right. We will work to protect that freedom and oppose any legislation that contradicts religious or personal liberty.

American at a polling booth

Election Integrity

We believe that safeguarding the election process from fraud is essential to preserving our democratic republic and Commonwealth. Across the U.S., honest citizens want honest elections. Preventing election fraud requires voters be U.S. citizens – verifiable by free voter IDs and a verifiable pre-Election Day registration process. Elections must remain under the watchful administration of state and local elected officials, not run by federal bureaucrats.


Property Tax / Homestead Tax Control

We believe that KY citizens should have the right to own property and that the state or local government should NOT tax citizens and re-evaluate property (cars, homes, etc.) owned by KY citizens to the point where citizens are forced to sell or forego those assets. We also believe that KY taxes should not be raised perpetually by raising property values for an undue tax burden hitting our elderly and poor hardest.

Frankfort, Kentucky, USA with the Kentucky State Capitol at dusk.

Balance on Executive Powers

We believe that our governor or other executive government offices (mayor locally) should not have the power to dictate long-term public policy on any issue without the input of the governed via State Legislature or vote by the people. We support a balanced system that allows for quick response in emergencies but also the input of the governed at a reasonable time.

Choice in Education

Choice In Education: We stand by parents’ right to choose how and where to educate their children and support families that want to remove their children from failing government-run schools. We do not believe choice should be limited by location or family income. We believe parents should decide and tax dollars should support that choice.